About Best Choice Health Insurance Brokers

For 2014, the world of health care and health insurance has changed. There are lots of new rules, new subsidies, and new cost reduction programs. There are many health insurance plans that meet the requirements of ObamaCare, some offered on the new Washington State Insurance Exchange and some outside the Exchange. In order to qualify for subsidies and possibly a cost share reduction, you must purchase your health insurance through the exchange; if you don't qualify, you can get plans off the Exchange. Between comparing prices, comparing benefits, digging up financial data and deciding whether or not to use the Exchange, the whole process can be confusing and time consuming. That is why we are here to help.

Best Choice Health Plan Finder Overview:

BestChoiceHealthPlanFinder is a Washington Insurance Brokerage company staffed by insurance and financial professionals, working from local offices to help you and your family get the best choice in health insurance.

Best Choice Health Insurance Mission:

BestChoiceHealthPlanFinder is dedicated to simplifying the process of choosing and purchasing health insurance in Washington State. With all the new rules and requirements, you need an advisor and advocate to help you find the best choice in health insurance. Our insurance brokers provide personalized, local service, all at no cost to you. And after you have purchased your insurance, and for as long as you stay with us, we offer a skilled resource to help you get the best care, from finding the right doctor to advocating your rights to the insurance carriers.

All of our health insurance agents are licensed by Washington State in insurance and trained in finance and tax preparation, and are ideally suited to getting you and your family the best choice in health insurance.

How Best Choice Can Help You Get Health Insurance in Washington State:

BestChoiceHealthPlanFinder can help you understand the differences between the available health insurance plans and figure out which plans are best for you. We can show you how the subsidy programs work and if you qualify. We can tell you what financial data you need in order to apply through the Washington Health Insurance Exchange, and what it all means. And we can walk you through the Washington Health Insurance Exchange and make sure you get the health insurance package that is right for you and your family.

Why Use Best Choice for Your Health Insurance Needs:

Insurance is complicated, and our advice and support are free - the choice is easy.

BestChoiceHealthPlanFinder is brought to you by McSwain Financial Services of Olympia, Washington.